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Are You Washing Your Produce?

This is something that I did before COVID but I find myself doing it even more now in light of what's going on. Before it was a gentle toss it under some water and hope the heat when I cook it kills it. But now I'm not as uneducated and I know that there really are some harmful things found on our produce.

Yup that's right, BOTH products. Either give your produce a bath or spray them down and wipe them clean. Depending on what I have going on, I switch between the two techniques.

What can be found on your produce? Well right now the main focus is getting rid of any traces of Coronavirus. But on a normal day, there are a ton of things that we need to make sure we are staying clear of. First of those being bugs. Yes, of course bugs is the main thing. along with bacteria and pesticides.

Don't have momE Clean yet? That's okay too. Here is an easy solution to the perfect produce bath:

1.Add a cup of white vinegar and 2 cup water to a bowl or your sink (not too hot water)

2.Let the produce soak for 2-5 minutes (I like to just put the rest of my groceries away while they soak)

3.Remove water and rinse produce

4.Allow the produce to dry and drain on a towel

5.Store or eat! And enjoy.

There you have it. Not hard at all. Doesn't it feel good know you are one step closer to living clean?

With Love,


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