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I had been suffering from hives for about 3 months. I narrowed it down to possibly being caused by my laundry detergent. I switched to momE clean’s all natural detergent and noticed my hive outbreaks dropping tremendously. Highly recommend using for anyone who is trying to live a sustainable lifestyle and/or has super sensitive skin



My name is Dana Robinson. I am the owner of Royal Babies family Child Care in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  When Owning a daycare you of course are cleaning and sanitizing all day. One day it dawned on me. The products I was using  weren’t the safest for my students. I noticed the strong smells from the toxic products l used caused my students to cough and sneeze. With Some students having asthma this was a huge concern. That very day i did some researching online but didn’t find anything that would clean  in areas I needed.As I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon MomE clean. I was excited because it was non toxic. It had product with real ingredients made by a mom with some of the same concerns. It had no hidden ingredient on the label. I immediately placed an order of the “all purpose”.  Once i began using it noticed a huge difference in the center. I was able to freely clean and not feel guilty about the product causing any harm to my students or household. I was able to clean up spills, remove crayon marks from the tables and sanitize toys. The all purpose was able to Remove the strong odors from the children’s restroom. As well as clean eating surfaces where kids sometimes place their food.  I’m so glad i found MomE Clean. It has truly changed my business and household.  



I use momeclean's multipurpose spray to soak my dog's toys, and the power scrub to wipe things she tends to get into around the house. I feel confident in knowing she won't be harmed from any of the products and I still get to have a clean home!

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