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  • These products are safe for kids and animals. Because we left out the chemicals you are able to use these products on even more than just your counter tops. We have tested our All purpose spray during bath time, dinner, and even on our cat. Feel safe that no harm will come your way!


    The Power Kit Includes:

    The All Purpose Spray 8oz 

    The Power Scrub 4oz 


    The All purpose - This product is perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Counter tops, Floors, and so much more! Effective deep cleaning without harsh or dangerous chemical. Test in a small area before using on new materials and surfaces.


    Power Scrub - This product is safe to use to get out those tougher stains and in your bathroom. Also safe to use kitchens, countertops, floors, and more. Test on a small area before using.


    The two together makes for the perfect combo for stains from clothes, paint, writing on the walls, and sooo much more! 


    Our products come with the option for scents or no scents. For the best use we recommend no scents to be able to use our products on everything. Adding scents just includes a few drops of essential oils. And as we know oils can leave stains if using on fabrics. Please choose which option you would like when checking out. 


    Ingredients List:


    Sodium Bicardbonate

    Acetic Acid

    Castile Soap



    • Processing times takes about 5-9 business days and an additional 3-5 days to ship. There are no refunds or exchanges. 

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