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Welcome to MomE Sorority a group of moms (and aunties too!) who are building a community around common interest. Who says making friends has to stop after 30?

There are so many perks with your membership:

Monthly Zoom Virtual Meetings

Quarterly In Person Meet-ups (Free thanks to the monthly fee)

Discount Codes and Early Release Access

Monthly Giveaways

Close Friends On Instagram Stories

End of Year Girls Trip

**Group Chat** coming soon!


Within this group we want to be able to connect and build stronger bonds. It is my hope that from this Sorority we are able to meet moms who are walking the same journey and be able to connect with someone who we might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. Leave the judgement and the insecurities at the door, we are here to accept each other and nourish community!


If you are looking for a friend circle or are in need of some mom advice, tips, and tricks….THIS IS THE SORORITY FOR YOU!

MomE Sorority

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Monthly Membership
$15.00every month until canceled

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