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Are the products scented?

Because we want to keep chemicals and toxics free from all of our products we have decided to remove all fragrances due to their harmful effects. We have also opted out of adding essential oils because our products have multi uses and as we know oils can stain. If you must have a sent please check out our blogs for more information on adding natural smells to your home. And feel free to add organic and all natural essential oils to add scent to your momE Clean products. 

How long will my cleaning products last?

Your products should last forever if stored in a cool dark place. Do not place in the sun or in heat. And remember that you can always refill when you run out!

Are these products safe for children and pets?

All of our products are safe around and on children and your pets. All of our products are created to be safe for everyone in your home. We list all ingredients and only use fresh, organic, and nontoxic products.



​How do I track my order?


You will be sent your shipping and tracking information once your package is in route. 


Do you provide International delivery?


Right now we are not providing international shipping. We hope to grow in the next year to expand our brand reach!


How do I return an item?


All products are final sale and nonrefundable.


What is your returns policy?

There is no return policy as all of our items are final sale.


What are your delivery options?

We currently ship via USPS with priority shipping. Most packages deliver in three to Five day of the time they are shipped. Due to COVID-19 please account for major shipping delays.



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